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Annuity Description & Types

Robert A. Brandon, Inc. can provide access to the highest rated annuity carriers in the industry. From product selection guidance to pre-sale support and application processing, we will assist you with your annuity sale. We offer a diversified annuity portfolio from top rated carriers including:

· Multi- year Guaranteed annuities

· Bonus Annuities

 · Index Annuities

 · Single Premium Immediate Annuities

 · Deferred Immediate Annuities

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Many states have adopted the NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation 275. As part of this regulation a state approved CE training course, and a carrier specific product training are necessary in order to begin soliciting annuity products. If you are unsure if the states you are doing business in have passed this model regulation, please refer to the information in the attached link: