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Although many people consider their home their biggest asset, for many, it is their ability to do work and earn an income. Not being able to work due to a job loss or an event that causes a short or long-term disability can be financially devastating.

While most people are familiar with what can happen if they lose their jobs, many of your clients may not have considered the financial consequences should they experience a serious disability. An individual disability (or DI) policy can make all the difference should a disability temporarily prevent a person from working.


A DI policy can be tailored to your client’s specific needs. When quoting a policy, it is important to consider the following:

  • Financial strength of the carrier you are quoting
  • How the carrier defines a “Disability”: Look for a policy that defines “disability” in the broadest terms possible. Some policies will allow your client to work in a different occupation and still collect disability benefits.
  • Elimination Period: How long will your client need to wait before disability payments begin?
  • Benefit Period: How long will your client have coverage?
  • Inflation Protection: Look for a policy that adjusts benefits for inflation
  • Riders: Most carriers offer several riders that can help tailor the policy to your client’s specific needs and occupation status